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Shift decentral...
to leap forward.

The only way to tackle current challenges & complexities is to upgrade our organisational operating system. 


Hello there 👋

We are
Michael & Samuele.

What We Do

The solutions are already within the organization. Our job is to create an operating system that enhances individuals to observe, collaborate, and build. 

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Education is the common denominator for all challenges. 

Organizations need educational initiatives that support individuals' reflection, bonding, and pro-activity. 

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Change is the only constant. It can bring abundance and prosperity, as well as despair and scarcity. To learn to deal with change means to be able to move along change.

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Whatever we imagine we can create. Acts of creation can come naturally, from inspiration, as well as socially, from guidance. Organization's systems need to embed innovation and creation guidance.   

Collaborators, clients, partners...
we call them our co-creators.

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